To complete this detailed design for the timeline of Hershey, inDesign and Photoshop were used.

If you love Harry Potter, then you’ll understand this weird and quirky newspaper layout. A homage to The Daily Prophet from the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, this layout was completed using Photoshop and inDesign. It features floating headlines.

A testament to 2013, this Entertainment section of a mock newspaper features headlines true to the time by keeping up with popular movies and headlines that would be shown in a real newspaper. This is a companion to the newspaper section to the right.

A mock newspaper article from the Entertainment section, this design was created using inDesign and the bottom was created using Photoshop.

A basic design, this ad was used on the company’s Facebook in order to advertise for new teachers. Functional and simple, this design pulled your eyes to the curvature on the text in the middle.